St. David’s, Cardiff

St. Davids is one of UK’s top ten shopping centres and also known to have won the National Green award in 2013 and the 2010 international shopping centre of the year. It is located in Cardiff, the cosmopolitan capital of Wales and has done well being the staple shopping venue for residents and visitors. Like every large shopping centre, they are host to designer brands that drive consistent sales and growth of visitors, and at St. David’s, there are over 180 shops with about 60 of them being introduced in the UK for the first time at St. David’s.

Cafes and restaurants to explore are plenty, and some of the new brands on its two floors include the Superdry and Oasis. They are the giant name in shopping in Cardiff and have stolen the spotlight for independent stores around St. Mary Street and High street. After investing in a large store at St. David’s, H&M presently has its largest UK store in the centre.

For family day outings or even household shopping in Cardiff, you will find Ravensburger, Playmobil, Kinetic Sand, John Lewis, Hamleys, Lego, River Island, Barbie, White Company, and New Look. Victoria’s Secret was also seen in Wales for the first time in St. David’s shopping centre and according to the annual list of leading shopping centres in the UK created by Trevor Woods Associates, St. David’s is the best in Wales and ninth in all of the UK.

At the centre you can enjoy any of the events being hosted throughout the year, dine at Wahaca, Jamie’s Italian, Wagamama, Zizzi’s, and Barburrito. In Cardiff, you need not ask where you can get everything under one roof, because St. David’s is the name that covers all your shopping needs especially if you are the type that craves good things.