Liverpool One

Liverpool One is fifth on the list of largest shopping malls in the UK. They do not promise everything to their customers, but they promise you won’t be bored while shopping at any of the stores in the complex. It is a contemporary market arena with bars, diners, and over 170 stores. For leisure, they have an indoor golf course of 18-hole and a gym for fitness. For a family fun time, you can enjoy at one of the eateries that welcome families, and if you are on a date or with your friends, there are fabulous date night joints as well as fancy places that you and your friends will love. There are restaurants that serve cuisines from all around the world and can make you feel like you are in Japan, Italy, Mexico, or anywhere else in the world.

On Peter’s Lane, you will find Michael Kors, Reiss, Ted Baker, Karen Millen, Flannels and other big fashion stores since Liverpool is known for its fashion. Harvey Nichols, UK’s only beauty bazaar, the best place to experience beauty in the most luxurious way is also in Liverpool One. They offer student discounts at the Liverpool One student event. An event that allows students to shop with different brands who are part of it, and be able to save big after shopping. It’s not just a shopping event, there is also a DJ truck present as well as live music. Students can also take home with them exclusive prizes they won with the text to win boxes. It is usually a one-day event though some stores continue for a few more days sometimes.

At some point in the year, most stores in the Liverpool One complex reduce their prices by almost half. John Lewis and Debenhams, which are UK’s most cherished stores along with Topshop, Zara, Victoria’s Secret, Office, and Nike can all be found in Liverpool One and they all participate in these discount events.