Intu Shopping Malls

Intu is one of UK’s biggest name in shopping and they own about 17 shopping centres branched out all over the UK. They are popular for giving consumers whatever they expect in a shopping mall and are always one step ahead of their competitors. They make shopping experience memorable, which is why you cannot go into an Intu shopping centre and come back without a smile. Some of Intu shopping centres include;

  • Intu Lakeside
  • Intu Merry Hill
  • Intu Derby
  • Intu Trafford Centre

Intu Trafford Centre is the largest of the Intu shopping centres, and with about half of Britain visiting all of Intu shopping centres every year, they are believed to make Britons spend about £55 million in a matter of minutes. The former Capital Shopping Centre has grown from just a big shopping location where you can only find food courts attached to it like in the last 30 years. They are changing fast as consumers are changing and has become an entertainment zone with non-shopping activities. Their non-shopping activities and other attractions are meant to keep customers longer. The Sealife aquarium in Intu Trafford centre and an indoor ski slope at the Intu Braehead are some of their most sought-after attractions.

Another attraction that draws lots of customers to the Intu premises are the Apple stores. The company runs 12 Apple stores which happen to be one of the strongest attraction for customers. Other big companies, like the 21st Century Fox, have also signed deals with Intu to promote home movies, do launch events and hold shows, at Intu centres, and this is drawing even more customers in. Some other stores you can find at the Intu shopping malls include; Odeon cinema, Topshop and some popular restaurants like Burrito kitchen as well as Tesla, who also has a shop at the Intu Cribbs Causeway shopping centre. Most of them are open from 9 am to 8 pm every day. You can experience a tax-free shopping at the Intu centres, and students can enjoy discounts at the student’s zone.