The arrival of Brentcross in 1976 cannot be overstated; the marble design, a large fountain and indoor trees, gave it a fine look. It is another American-style mall in the UK and actually the first. Now the 40 year old Brent cross is stuck with soviet era look while its competitor, the Westfield operates in the 21st century styles. Due to their competition with Westfield, they have started a modernization scheme, upgrading and increasing the size of the shopping centre. by 2022, the BrentCross will be upgraded into 200 shops, about 50 food channels, cinema and hotel.

However, they have made a lot of changes and upgrades over the years and new international brands like Victoria’s Secret, Apple or Nespresso are also retailers in the Brent Cross now while retailers like the Fenwick, John Lewis, Boots and M & S, have been there for 40 years. It may not be as exciting as it used to be, but the shopping experience is still has as much to offer as any other shopping mall in the 21st century. At a time when shopping centers are about leisure, the BrentCross can only transform and reinvent the center into a 21st century standard for a better shopping experience.

You can still find a spot to play, and relax, at the Brentcross beach which is bigger and better now. Or better still try the ride. There are rides for families, adults, and children as well as cinemas, bowling alleys, and climbing walls. Unlike the really cool shopping centres with all manner of glamour and nice looking environments, the BrentCross still has a concrete marks that gives it a historic look. The fountain at the center and wooden animals in the foyer centre particularly fascinated kids at the time. It appeared like a place that wouldn’t last when it first opened, but they surprisingly met the shopping need of the people with trendy products all over the centres.